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Dog Goggles – What Are They For?
Dog Goggles are protective eye-wear for dogs. They are actually goggles for dogs, hence can help protect your dog’s eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.

What types of dogs would wear dog goggles?
Dogs that spend a lot of time in the great out of doors can benefit from wearing these. For example hunting and sporting dogs may run in thick brush or undergrown in search of game. An errant branch could catch the dog in the eye. Dog googles could help prevent an injury.

Police and military dogs too can benefit from wearing these protective devices in the various situations these professional dogs have to handle.

Tracking dogs as well, like the hunting dogs, can get into thick thorny areas that a bit of extra eye protection could help.

Blind and visually impaired dogs can benefit from wearing eye protection where bumping into furniture or other objects.

For example, Pannus is a slowly progressive non-painful inflammatory disease of the canine cornea. It manifests itself as blood vessels, pigmentation, and scar tissue in the cornea. Left untreated, pannus can eventually lead to blindness. UV-light can increase the severity of the disease. Keeping your dog out of the sunlight during peak hours is recommended. Dog goggles can help because the lens in the goggles offer 100% UV protection.


Will my dog even wear dog goggles?
Most dogs will readily accept Doggles after a short adjustment period. Training your dog to wear the goggles can be accomplished in a small amount of time if you follow these easy steps:

1) Don’t put the goggles on your dog while indoors. Imagine yourself wearing dark tinted glasses inside. You cannot see, and neither can your dog.

2) When you first put the goggles on your dog, don’t let him paw at the glasses or roll to get them off. Reassure him that its okay. Take him immediately to bright sunlight and let him realize that he can see with them on. Walk around, get his mind off the goggles.

3) Try to go through this routine as often as possible. The number of training sessions required depends on your dog.

It is worth to protect our best friend’s eyes so that he can continue to understand us and we can understand him!

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